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Cosmic Candy Store!

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It’s been a while since we wrote our last blog. High time for an update because a lot has happened last month!

After a spectacular première of the music video for new single SABOTAGE in MustSee cinema in Tilburg, the video reached more than 20,000 views on YouTube. It was also broadcasted on national TV during ‘Lange Avond van de Korte Film’. The video was awarded for Best Local Award at the prestigious Playgrounds Festival. And it was judged best video of the evening in VPRO 3voor12 show “Afzien?!”. Furthermore Sabotage is on the fourth place in TMF’s NL charts and in the higher regions of MusicfromNL’s Top 40.

On national radio (3FM) the single does not go unnoticed: More >

“What Nature Started” release party!

Hey! First we want to thank everyone for the tremendous amount of enthusiastic responses we have received for the Hey Girl video! Very cool to see that you all seem to appreciate it! For anyone who has not seen it yet, be sure to check it out:

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There is more good news from the DAYBROKE camp: our first album What Nature Started is finished and will be in stores from March 26th! Because we’d love to celebrate this milestone with all our friends, fans and other interested people, we are happy to invite you to our Release Party on Friday, April 2nd at Tilburg’s 013! Entrance to this already legendary party is completely free, so make sure you can later tell your children where you’ve been on April 2nd, 2010…
This show is also the kickoff of a series of performances to promote our album. In the coming weeks, we will announce these shows one by one, so keep an eye on the site and check whether we will soon be playing in your area!

Finally, for the real fans there is the opportunity to pre-order the album at our website. You will receive a free mp3 instantly! Do you think March 26th is a really long wait, then of course you can now go to iTunes to download the Hey Girl single!

That’s all for now, we hope to see you all on April 2nd at 013, and keep an eye on the site to stay informed of all shows and news!