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Daybroke… whatever it is, the Queen’s English it is not. Which stands to reason as Daybroke are Dutch. But does this name refer to an imminent break-through or to the ever broke existence of the musician?
Let’s assume the first: the day the band broke through.

The ingredients are all there at least: Tom Sikkers, Jaap van der Heijden, Jesse Klaasse and Kasper van der Voort have earned their wings in the Dutch rock scene. Their joint forces provide a combustible mixture about to explode. Daybroke is putting together carefully, but relentlessly, all the elements for the next Big Bang. One that will render the origin of the universe as we know it a moist fart.

But enough of this sturdy language. For Daybroke’s break-through is a promise, not a threat. A well-prepared and constructed promise in which the band shows a feel for multimedia crossover: Daybroke’s ear-catching (hit)singles taken from their debut What Nature Started are invariably accompanied by eye-catching videos.

For the first single Hey Girl, talented filmmaker Tim Smit indulged in tragic black and white images in which color plays an indispensable role. This may sound crazy, but it’s not as insane as the video’s leading character played by Maud Dolsma. The video premiered on the International Film Festival Breda and attracted over 100.000 views on the internet.

For single/film number two, Sabotage, Tim Smit needed a couple of months in which he turned his computer into a box of tricks that he disgorges over the viewer in three minutes time. The video, a dazzling sequence of breath-taking scenes, already is convincing when played on a computer, let alone on the extra-large film screen at movie theatre MustSee in Tilburg. That’s where the widely resounded premiere took place.

The news soon spread across the Dutch borders. U.S. band Lifehouse invited Daybroke to support them an so, the Tilburg foursome played a capacity filled 013 venue early on in their career.

YouTube Preview Image

Now it is high time to make the next move. The third single Sing My Song is insanely catchy, no listener will have any trouble fulfilling the title’s message.
With a song like this, a video might seem redundant but Daybroke does not leave anything to chance. The video clip is a visual spectacle in true Daybroke fashion. The track can be heard on Spotify, bought through iTunes and downloaded from BandCamp. Or: Sing My Song in your local karaoke bar!

Daybroke’s videos are not only ominous but also prophetic: world domination, that is what these guys are in for!
But enough of this sturdy language…