It’s been a while since we wrote our last blog. High time for an update because a lot has happened last month!

After a spectacular première of the music video for new single SABOTAGE in MustSee cinema in Tilburg, the video reached more than 20,000 views on YouTube. It was also broadcasted on national TV during ‘Lange Avond van de Korte Film’. The video was awarded for Best Local Award at the prestigious Playgrounds Festival. And it was judged best video of the evening in VPRO 3voor12 show “Afzien?!”. Furthermore Sabotage is on the fourth place in TMF’s NL charts and in the higher regions of MusicfromNL’s Top 40.

On national radio (3FM) the single does not go unnoticed: we played the single live during Bring It On, presented by Sander Guis and last monday night during a show with Thymen Wabeke. After first single ‘Hey Girl’, ‘Sabotage’ was also ‘Plugplaat‘ at 3voor12Radio, presented by Rudy Mackay.

We are happy to mention that ‘What Nature Started’ is available at Spotify and the international iTunes-store.

Furthermore there are some great shows coming up. First of all we’re supporting UK rockband Feeder at Melkweg in Amsterdam for the last show of their current tour. Coming monday we’re playing at De Unie in Rotterdam during Image Lab 0.1. Tim Smit will be there to give an insight on how he makes the music video’s for Daybroke. Hope to see you at one of these shows!

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Tom, Kasper, Jaap en Jesse.