The release of our debut album “What Nature Started” is starting to get really close now! The first (laudatory!) review is available (check it here – in Dutch), the single ‘Hey Girl’ is getting airplay at KX Radio and Kink FM among others, and the preparations for the release party on April 2nd are in full swing.
We would also like to take the opportunity to knight Roald Jansen in the order of Daybroke (yes, it exists), for the great artwork he has created for us! As we reported a while ago, the four elements form the basis of the artwork for What Nature Started. Even though you all probably have already pre-ordered the new album and it’s this close to being delivered on your door mat one of these days, we would like to share with you an online sneak-preview of Roald’s amazing artwork! (Take a look!)
Again, Roald thanks for all the hard work and your creative mind, you’re a king, and we all take a deep bow to our Next-Top models Kishaya and Liam!