Jaap (by Roald Jansen)A few days after a long day of work on our promotional photos with photographer Roald aka Set Vexy, it was time to start working on the artwork of our album. Obviously, these days have been preceded by a lot of brainstorming sessions. Soon we came to the conclusion that the artwork had to be in line with the title of the album: “What Nature Started“.

So, the elements of nature are frequently found in the artwork, as you can see in the preview a little further on. Penetrating eyes of two children surrounded by the brute forces of nature. Well… Try to capture that on film! Fortunately, nothing was too outrageous for Roald, who likes a challenge.

It turns out, arranging two children for the session wasn’t that easy. Thanks to my own babysitting network (never thought that would come in this handy some day!) we finally managed to arrange two model-worthy miniature people. First up was Liam Lokken (8 years old), who came in as a true rock & roll star (wearing a hat, a scarf, and with his hair neatly waxed) and with the attitude of a true pro.
The girl, Kishaya MacDonald (age 7) also proved to be a true model. After having shot quite a few pictures, it was time for the post-production. Since our models had posed in front of a black background, there was still plenty to do for Roald. We are very pleased with the results! Check out the end result and see for yourself:

Daybroke "What Nature Started" artwork sneak peak