JesseFor the first time in a while we had the chance to come into action at The Holy Cow Rock Cafe in Schijndel this weekend. We had a somewhat slow ride due to a snowstorm with unexpected instant slipperiness and the need to continuously clean the windscreen! At arrival we were very kindly received by the staff plus the bandmembers and associates of the band Chapter 7, which was the other band that would play this evening.

After a tight show from the boys of Chapter 7 it was our turn. While we seemed a little rusty during the change-over, we fortunately didn’t forget how to play: the set of three quarters of an hour went by very quick! Despite the fact that it was not that crowded, the audience asked us to play more songs screaming “we want more”! Against our nature we gladly did an encore. Cool, thanks very much people!

The trip back home went a lot easier, obviously because of the adrenaline of the show, but also because the weather was now dry and the roads less slippery. On to the next!

There is a huge volume of photos from the evening at the site of the Holy Cow. We put a small selection on our site.