RoaldTwo weeks ago there were no less than three photoshoots on Daybroke’s agenda, two of them took place on Sunday.

Early in the morning we head for Rotterdam’s Maasvlakte, a huge industrial estate where large vast areas are still undeveloped. At least… that’s what we hope. A short visit shows plenty of new industry have been added. And apart from that, it’s raining cats and dogs!

But photographer Roald Jansen aka Set Vexy cannot be overthrown easily. His improvisation skills are put to a test and together with his girlfriend / assistant / stylist-for-today Debbie he manages to find a proper place for the first photoshoot! Information centre FutureLand seems to offer a solution: here we are in a good spot. Roald starts setting up the lights, and after we all go through the meticulous inspection of stylist Debbie, it’s time to shoot!

Later in the afternoon, the rain disappears and the sun even begins to shine! That’s good because it gives exactly the atmosphere we are looking for. After a little bit of searching we manage to find a fairly large area of undeveloped Maasvlakte, and the alienating effect of a setting sun makes the second photo shoot a success; Roald can’t stop shooting, we really need to pull his camera away from him!

After two eventually successful photoshoots we go home, but not before we all have something to eat. The next day there will be a photoshoot for the album’s artwork, which also is in Roald’s capable hands; more about this later!

Click here for some behind-the-scenes photos of this day.

Tom Daybroke