Daybroke @ Volver Sessions - day 1This week we left with fully loaded cars to.. Tilburg! A while ago we were approached by Crip Theeuwes of the Volver Studio whether we wanted to record a song for his initiative, the “Volver Sessions”. For this project, Crip invites 10 acts to his studio for 2 days for the third consecutive year now. A cd will be made with the resulting 10 songs. Of course we accepted this offer, and we decided to completely re-arrange the song “Decide” (which you might already know from one of our shows, or from our acoustic session at Omroep Brabant), in order to record it at Crip’s studio.

Daybroke @ Volver Sessions - KasperThe first day of our session is over; together with Crip we put the finishing touches on the song’s structure, and Kasper shook the studio to its foundations with his playing: the drums are finished, and they rock! This promises much for the second session day which will take place in January, we are curious and are looking forward to it!

To be continued…

Daybroke @ Volver Sessions - Crip in the control room