Daybroke @ Wytbeat toysYou might have already almost forgotten, but November 7th we played a banging set at the Wytbeat festival! The photos have arrived, so it is high time for a new story ..

After a long, pleasant ride through the beautiful Dutch scenery we arrived in Wytgaard, a Frisian village where the Wytbeat festival successfully has been organized for 20 years. A beautiful stage, a packed sports hall, a ridiculously friendly staff and a well stocked refrigerator ensured that the atmosphere is already good right from the beginning. When we then encountered a few attributes from our childhood, the evening was bound to be great. After some neck-breaking stunts a little panic arose; during a wheelie, Jesse had driven his tricyle over Jaap’s index finger, and the latter’s excruciating pains seemed to endanger the show. Fortunately Tom managed to comfort the poor bassist (a kiss and a cold beer do wonders), so the show could begin!

Daybroke backstage @ WytbeatAfter Monstertux had done a good job warming up the audience, the people warmly welcomed Daybroke’s sounds. Killing Time was even danced so enthusiastically that Jaap instantly had forgotten his sore finger as he pulled out his best dance moves.
While Roamers Code closed the night properly, unfortunately our time had already come to enter the Frisian night to go on our way back to Tilburg.

We wish the Wytbeat organization much success towards the 25th edition, and we are happy to see you all at one of our next gigs!

And check the photos here!