Daybroke @ Studio, Tilburg (picture: Anne Neijnens)Last Friday we played our final Popronde show at Cafe the Studio in our hometown Tilburg.

Strictly monitored by the Popronde staff, we were to play our first notes at eleven o’clock sharp. But, only half an hour before the beginning it was alarmingly quiet at the Studio. And err.. wasn’t it always this quiet here until about one o’clock?

We started to feel a little afraid… Wouldn’t we be able to attract at least some people as a band from Tilburg? But fortunately our fears didn’t come true: fifteen minutes before eleven, the first few people entered the Studio. Within those fifteen minutes Studio transformed from an almost empty bar into a place full of people wanting to see “that new band from Tilburg”!

As a new band, it is pretty thrilling to play a home match like this, for a lot of unknown but also known faces. Luckily one thing became clear rather quickly: this is a really enthousiastic audience – the energy radiating from such a lot of people makes playing really easy!

Studio, thank you!

Pictures of this show can be found here.