Daybroke & Triggerfinger @ Atak - posterYesterday we had the honor to be the support act for the Belgian band Triggerfinger at their concert at Atak in Enschede! We all knew the good live reputation of the band, and our sound engineer Guido has repeatedly spoken very highly of them. We were very curious!

After a very warm welcome in the new Atak building, we had to get to work immediately: our show would already begin at 8 pm, and we still had to unload, set up our stuff, soundcheck and have (a delicious!) dinner. Time flew by, and before we knew it was indeed so far: after a little chat with the gentlemen of Triggerfinger, we entered the stage of the beautiful Saxion room at exactly eight o’clock. Despite the early time quite a lot of people already showed up, and they provided a welcome feeling in the half hour that we could rock our set off the stage. Thank you so much for this!

Daybroke & Triggerfinger @ Atak - Jaap backstageOur assignment was to clear the stage after our show as soon as possible, and with the help of Atak’s technicians and stagehands plus the gentlemen of the main act, the stage was empty in a few minutes. After a little evaluation we quickly loaded the bus, so we still could see the second half of the Triggerfinger show. And, it must be said: it was impressive! What a good live band, the fun and charisma splashes off the stage!

As far as we’re concerned we can’t have enough of these kind of evenings, it was super, so: Atak, Triggerfinger and audience, thanks!!

Click here for some pictures of this show.