Daybroke @ Fiddler, Den Haag (foto: Peter de Hoog)And the third Popronde show is history! Last Saturday was a great night at The Fiddler in The Hague. A crowded, beautiful grand cafe… We have met some nice people from all over the world; from South Africa to California. Positive response and good conversations. Thanks everyone!

3VOOR12’s Susanne Kooijman wrote a review of our Popronde show in The Hague:

After Florian Wolff’s mellow tunes, the fresh band Daybroke from Tilburg is to enter Fiddler’s stage. A bigger contrast almost wouldn’t be possible. The four young men serve a healthy dose of rock with electro sounds to the audience. Their songs have already been well-received by a lot of people. Even producer Clif Norrell (Nirvana, No Doubt) has expressed his approval of their sound. Daybroke’s debut album will be released around February 2010. Directly from the start of the show, the band manages to draw and keep the audience’s attention. The songs they play are well-written and the vocals are nice to listen to. Every now and then a laptop on a small table next to the drummer adds some synths and beats, contributing to an edgier sound. There’s a good atmosphere at the stage, the boys display a certain self-confidence, which is nice to see. After over 50 minutes, the show comes to an end and leaves us curious about the album.