Daybroke @ Polderpop 2009As it’s almost the end of the summer, the gigging season has started off again! Last Sunday we played our first show out of a series towards our album release in February 2010. The gig was at the Polderpop Festival in Leuth, which attracts hundreds of visitors each year with it’s line-up of promising national bands. We enjoyed a very nice and sunny day, which was stuffed with cool bands and an enthousiastic audience. They really seemed to appreciate the Daybroke vibe!
This Friday we will visit the eastern part of the country again, for our first Popronde-show, at Cafe De Opera in Nijmegen. In case you have missed us at Polderpop, please come check us out in Nijmegen!

Kasper @ Polderpop 2009 (foto: Erik Brugman)On our way to the album release, there is a lot about to happen for Daybroke. We will try to keep you updated through our website, MySpace, Hyves and so on as good as we possibly can. So, please keep checking us out regularly for all the latest sounds, videos, photos, coming shows and all news!