These are busy times for Daybroke: The “live” season has started again with the Popronde shows amongst others, and we’re also working on our first music video.

For those of you who don’t know Popronde: It is a traveling festival which takes place every year from September till half of November in 23 cities. Around 25 bands are performing in every town on one evening throughout this period. The participating venues are mostly pubs, bars, music cafés and small theaters.

We performed in two cities till now: the first one was Café “De Opera” in Nijmegen on the 11th of September and yesterday (September 25th) at Irish pub “John Mullins” in Maastricht.

“De Opera” was nicely filled with people and once on stage, fully packed with amps and speakers, the gig went by extremely fast. That was a good start of the Popronde!

At “John Mullins” Irish pub in Maastricht there’s more room on stage and if we play the last chord around half past 12 we leave a very enthousiastic audience. It’s pretty late then, but the gig gave us an energy-boost; so we travel to Tilburg satisfied. On to the next Popronde show!

If you visited one of our shows during the Popronde and you feel like leaving us a message, please feel free to do so; we would like to read your comments!

About the music video; we collected a fine group of talented people around us to make it happen! More about the video later, so keep this site in mind 😉