Rockcaf√© de Engel, Den HelderYesterday we had a show in the beautiful town of Den Helder. “Crossover Royale” is the sound name for the celebration of Queen’s Day as held in the King’s Street (!). No less than ten bands (national as well as foreign) were joining this celebration, we ourselves being one of them. We discovered that “Crossover” should be taken very literally, as the visitors had to cross between music cafe “De Bliksem” and rock cafe “De Engel”. After a two-and-a-half-hour trip from Tilburg to Den Helder, we were wholeheartedly welcomed by rocker / owner Mike. After he gave us a lot of vouchers for drinks, we went outside to enjoy our meals in the sun.

Setting up
Around 8 o’clock, after a short visit to the sea, it was time to set up our stuff in the back of the cafe, where the previous band just was removing their backline. There turned out to be only one mic stand, which wasn’t enough since Jesse and Jaap are both singing backing vocals! So we asked house technician Patrick to get another two stands, in which he succeeded pretty quickly thanks to De Bliksem. Also, a cheerful local helped us to set up our video camera; there was some clever camera mounting system available, which was on the perfect height to tape shows.

Pedal to the metal!
After a short soundcheck with our own engineer Guido, we changed clothes in the cafe’s small kitchen, and at exactly 9 o’clock it was time to put the pedal to the metal!!

The stage was small and hot, so apart from old-fashioned sweatyness, we had to be careful not to put a guitar in someone’s eye or nose! But we did great, and so did the audience: they were dancing and cheering and clapping hands. A whole different atmosphere than earlier today, when the awful incident happened in Apeldoorn. What happened there really has shocked the country, and I hope it will bring people closer together; people should realize life is precious. The song “Scratch the Surface” handles about this matter, so during that song my thoughts went out to that.

The final song “Sing My Song” managed to put people’s hands together one more time, and very satisfied we went offstage. Thanks to everyone who was there, we had a great night! We hope to get back soon to Den Helder for a show in De Engel!

Keep up the spirit!

On behalf of Daybroke,