Daybroke live @ Effenaar, 24 april 2009It is already two evenings ago that we were opening up for STEREO, the band which was formed during the RTL5 tv-series “Rock Nation”. This would be an exciting gig, especially for bass player Jaap. Because besides the fact that this was only his second gig and the first time he was about to sing live, he was also one of the last two candidates for the role of bass player in ‘Rock Nation’. That’s why at arrival at the Effenaar immediately somebody shouted: “Japie!”. It was Stephan, drummer for STEREO and he was smoking a cigarette outside. The rest of the band was still checking the sound so we took the time to build up the drumkit behind the stage and check out the backstage room…

Daybroke soundcheck @ Effenaar, 24 april 2009


STEREO was finished at six so we introduced ourselves and after that we went onstage to do our soundcheck. Even though there were two complete backlines onstage there was still a lot of space for us, surprisingly enough. After the soundcheck we went for a very nice diner at the artist lounge of the impressively large Effenaar building.

And before we knew it it was 21.00 o’clock: Time to perform! We heard that there were a lot of tickets sold so we knew that there would be quite a lot of people in the audience. And it was great to see that there were already lots of people when we came onstage! The half an hour gig was over before we knew it and the audience reacted very enthousiastic!

Daybroke live @ Effenaar, 24 april 2009Because we had to load in the bus we didn’t have the time to watch the whole STEREO-show. But since the last time I saw the band live –in Studio in Tilburg- the band has grown a lot! And the single “Unexpected” is really a great song – Mike and I couldn’t get the song out of our heads the whole evening.

All in all it was a great evening and it felt wonderful to rock in front of a full house. Hereby we would like to thank the Effenaar crew, STEREO, sound engineer Guido and of course the audience! If you want to react on the show or other Daybroke related stuff please leave us a message. See you next time!