Yesterday morning I quickly went to Tom’s studio where we were about to be interviewed by Ferry van de Zaande and Eefje Wentelteefje for the television-show “Inz & Uitz”, broadcasted by Omroep Brabant.

After several cups of coffee, a quick make-over of the studio’s recording room and the placement of light-, sound- & camera-equipment our reality existed of the three of us being interviewed by two marvelous puppets who were asking questions about the what, where, why and hows of our band Daybroke.

YouTube Preview ImageAfter the interview Ferry and Eefje did some serious headbanging on one of the Daybroke songs! You can watch this movie by clicking on the picture next to this blog.

The complete result of the TV-item, which will also contain live footage from the Paradiso concert we did last night, will be broadcasted in the near future by Omroep Brabant. Of course we will let you know the exact date right here!