Cul de Sac posterYesterday evening we had the honour to play as a headlining band at Cul de Sac, our favourite hometown music club in Tilburg. Even though most of us have played here many times it was once more a question whether or not we would be able to convince the hometown audience!
While outside the streets were dotted with drunken party people dressed up as cows, Spiderman or Marilyn Monroe due to the yearly Carnaval, the inside of Cul de Sac by contrast was full of normal looking people – “Carnavaltief” (Carnavalternative) as Cul de Sac presented the evening.

After two successful gigs by A Passage and Landmark 105 it was our turn to hit the stage. A load of healthy men sweat and twelve songs later we went off stage feeling quite satisfied. Even though the gig was at some points a bit of a mess, it sure was a nice rocking show!!

Hereby we would like to thank the crew of Cul de Sac, sound engineers Erik-Jan and Guido, A Passage, Landmark 105 and Joost from the Grass Company for a great evening! On to the next; I can hardly wait!