Hey mensen,

De music video van onze eerste single ‘Hey Girl‘ maakt heel wat tongen los! Hieronder kun je een verzameling vinden van wat men er zoal van vindt… Sommigen schreven zelfs een hele recensie! De video is inmiddels meer dan 20.000 keer bekeken and still counting… cheers; Daybroke

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Just like candy – yum
by Jim Hines on Jan 29, 2010

from the infectious drum beat to the cute girl to the splashes of color – like a chunk of sugary bubble gum – you know it’s probably not good for you but dang it – it tastes soooo good – awesome video – unique story – excellent camera work – great actress – it’s suffering from compression artifacts particularly in the shocking conclusion and in the klaidescope portions – the elements you chose to colorize the flourishes and what not are a trend that is a bit played out – but not that big of an impediment for my enjoyment – this frame is almost a deal killer for me – 1:20 – is that an oversite? or is it intentional? If it’s purpseful I question it – if it’s an oversite it’s tragic – or – or – does it look blended at hi rez? Regardless, I’m going with 5 cows – this is a music video I have enjoyed watching more than a few times even though I don’t generally like a long open – this particular open had purpose and dramatic build. Rock on!

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A truly weird music video that follows the life of an attractive young woman who finds something precious in a gutter and spends the rest of her short life staring at it in slack-jawed wonder while her health and personal hygiene deteriorate.

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He did it again. Following his monster youtube hit “what’s in the Box“, Tim Smit produced this video for Dutch rockband Daybroke. Featuring the lovely Mrs Maud Dolsma.

En dan nog wat reacties van de kijkers:

Door Einstijn:

volgens mij eet tim teveel beschimmelde frikandellen

Door Exter:

Ziet Tilburg er ineens Wel cool uit!

Door jokester303:

damn this video is one of the best id ever seen. straight up acid trip without the drugs

Door jldkrank:

Personally, I don’t really like the song, but the video is really well done!

Door silenceiskeytosucces:

This song is growing on me
Love it !

Door pulpattack:

Original, great work with less people…nice song…it will be a hit…!!!!

Door PretzelCookie:

Still cant find out whats in the box:(. But this video is great the amount of effort put into it must have been alot.
5 stars 10 if i could

Door Dietseleeuw:

Wow echt geweldig! Trots dat dit uit Nijmegen komt
Wat een kleuren zeg, en het verhaal laat me niet onberoerd. Wel een zielig einde.

Door The777brown:

woah, strange twist.